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Social Media Marketing course in BTM Layout Bangalore

Learn A-Z of Social Media Strategies from industry experts

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Why social media?

In today’s world, it is all about being socially present and socially active for people to judge you and value your brand. This way it seems a little more trusted than usual.
Creating a social presence will define your brand and help you to determine your success.

How will it help?

With almost half the world being socially active, Social Media will give you an exposure to prospect customers if done in the right way. Social Media will make you more visible in the market and make you stand unique when compared to your competitors.
This method of marketing doesn’t have any time period to define success, here success either hits in seconds or it will take a little time but it is sure

Who will it help?

“Who will it help” can be a tricky question because at the end of the day to keep up with the current marketing techniques everyone will by default make those extra efforts to stay hand in hand, but to break it down to detailed explanation, Social Media is ideal for small scale business, local business, homemade businesses, entrepreneurs, small organisations, entertainment such as art, food, dance music, fests, boutiques, salon/parlours, health clinics, diagnostic centres etc. And the list can go on to even the most famous and biggest of brands.
Basically, it is important to uniquely be visible on Social Media to attract customers.

How does this reach the audience?

“Social Media helps you reach a wide range of audience, this way your brand is present locally and globally.
People using Social Media accounts can search for their interests and may find your brand trending and guess what? There is your prospect customer!
After using your service or even by just going through your profile, if the customer has found anything attractive about your brand, product or service they are sure of telling more people about it creating a business network ready for you to target.

What will we cover under Social Media?

The above 4 social platforms have unique distinctions when compared.

For instance,

Facebook – is to connect with friends and family across the world and to express what matters the most. Facebook campaigns for business purpose helps you to narrow target your audience. It is one of the best social platforms for paid ads.

Instagram – Basically Instagram is a photo sharing app its known for its square grid pictures and 24 hour story, it is also currently a good platform to do business.

Twitter – is a micro blogging website which means a user is limited to type only 140 characters; these short messages are termed as tweets. Twitter again is a great platform for business exposure as the user can promote their business via tweets/twitter ads.

Linkedin – This is a very professional social networking site where people can connect with each other mainly on business terms. There are very high employment chances on this platform.

For each Social Media Platform there is business involved, choosing the right one can be crucial for your business.

Modules that will be covered under this topic will be:

• Setting up your personal and business accounts.

Organizing your profile.

• Creating and Managing Ads.

• Creating posts, planning Content calendars, using various strategies to market.


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